This working group has its focus on EVerest framework and tooling.

Meeting Agenda and Meeting Notes


  • Presentation of the current status of the error handling framework
  • Discussing "devcontainers" in EVerest


- Setup error handling agenda point for next meeting (Manuel)

- Add some best practice to documentation about building steps after changing types / interfaces etc. (Manuel / Kai)
- Improve ev-cli to give feedback to user and way to proceed (Evgeny)
- Time-slot: Afternoon better choice? (Manuel)
- Improve ev-cli docs (based on ev-cli help cmd) (Manuel)
- Add tutorial about out-of-tree module dev (Kai has some example module)


Meeting notes:


Meeting notes:

  • cmake
    • Current work on conditional dependencies has been merged.
      See e.g. the new file module-dependencies.cmake in everest-core repo.
    • Question about excluding modules modules from build
      Answer: Go with the cmake parameter EVEREST_EXCLUDE_MODULES which takes a list of modules to be excluded. Same is possible with EVEREST_INCLUDE_MODULES 

  • Short preview for an upcoming documentation PR about a top-level view on framework functionality.
    PR will be announced via Zulip.

  • Release cycle process
    Docu update on GitHub will follow.

  • Rust Support:
    • Feedback is welcomed!
    • Manuel will include some promotion in the big documentation on

  • Bazel
    • Announcement for upcoming PR - e.g. improve testing integration.
  • Best practice when starting to work on things:
    Create an issue to announce your current work so that others that are interested or eventually working on similar stuff can get in touch.
    This will also be added to contribution docs.



Meeting notes:

  • Frequency and time-slots for our working group meetings
    • Bi-weekly and alternating between morning and afternoon (CET)
    • Decision was to set it on Wednesdays in a week without a Car Communication working group call.
    • As there is now already another working group meetup, I will setup an alternative for the first events. Then, we will see how that works out.
  • Topics in our working group
    • Tools: edm, ev-cli
    • Current framework topics: Rust integration, cmake / conditional dependencies.
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