Welcome to the LF Energy Wiki. Here you can access information with a cross project focus. For individual projects, follow the links below. You will need a Linux Foundation ID (created at https://identity.linuxfoundation.org/) to contribute. In the upper right of this page, select Log In to contribute.

LF Energy is a Linux Foundation project that provides a vendor-neutral home focused on building shared open source infrastructure to deliver unprecedented innovation in renewable energy, power electronics, electric mobility, and more.

LF Energy activities are driven from the LF Energy Guiding Principles, created and adopted by both the Technical Advisory Council and Governing Board

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Technical and Standards Projects

The LF Energy Foundation hosts a number of technical and standards projects, which are completely open to anyone to participate in subject to the contribution guidelines set by each community. Each of these projects are completely autonomous, with oversight by the Technical Advisory Council who sets a lifecycle for Technical Projects and Working Groups/Special Interest Groups.

Current Projects

Below is the listing of current projects hosted by the LF Energy Foundation. Click the logo to learn more about each project and scroll down on the pop-up to see additional details.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups (WGs)

Technical working groups are organized underneath the Technical Advisory Council in order to perform detailed work in a specific area. Working groups generally work on a specific aspect of the functional architecture. They may have a specific deliverable and can make suggestions on existing projects or propose projects.

Working group chairs or leaders report up to the TAC, but do not vote on TAC business.

Working groups are distinct from Projects, which create software or services, and Special Interest Groups, which meet regularly for discussions but do not have a specific charter.

Current Working Groups

To join any of the technical working groups, please click the mailing list link below and visit their corresponding wiki page. 

NameDescriptionLeadMailing List
Archimate WG Working group for the LF Energy Architecture ModelJonas van den Bogaard, Alliander Archimate WG Mailing List
AI WGWorking group on Artificial Intelligence and Energy SystemsAlexandre Parisot, The Linux FoundationAI WG Mailing List
ORES (Open Renewable Energy Systems)Working group for Open Renewable Energy SystemsChris Xie, FutureweiORES Mailing List
DSAS (Digital Substation Automation Systems)The DSAS initiative seeks to optimize power supply, demand, and grid stabilization by optimizing electrical substations through open-source technology.Ben van 't Ende, Age of PeersDSAS Mailing List

Previous working groups are archived here

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