The inventory must define these variables to run the step:

  • br_rstp_priority: Number to set for RSTP protocol (multiple of 4096)

  • cluster_ip_addr: IP address for team0 interface

  • gateway_addr: IP address of a gateway, it doesn't have to work

  • ip_addr: IP address to communicate with the host

  • network_interface: Network interface to communicate with the host

  • ntp_servers: Array of address of a NTP server (keep the order, see Time synchronization section)
  • syslog_server_ip: Address of a SYSLOG server

  • team0_0: Network interface to connect to team0 bridge

  • team0_1: Other network interface to connect to team0 bridge

  • dns_servers: IP address of DNS servers (optional)


At the end of this step, make sure that:

  • Each host in the cluster pings other (simple and fragmented package)
  • Hosts use a DNS server
  • Hosts are synchronized with NTP server (it's necessary for the shared storage)


An odd number of hosts is recommended. A vote is taken in a quorum for the high avaibility.

RSTP protocol

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol is a protocol in the link layer. It provides a loop-free network (more details here).



Single Root I/O Virtualization is a PCI Express Extended capability which makes one physical device appear as multiple virtual devices (more details here).

In the inventory, the sriov_driver parameter can be set to specify the driver to use and the sriov parameter to specify the network interface number on each NIC to initialize (see the SR-IOV video).

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