The update of the yocto version of SEAPATH uses software update. The update process is described on the Ansible repository.


The apt package tool is used to upgrade the system. You can use the rollback to avoid loss the system (more details in the below section).

Update the database of available packages, with their version:

apt update

Upgrade the system with the new version of packages:

apt upgrade --yes

Upgrade the system with new version of Debian and remove useless packages:

apt dist-upgrade --yes
apt autoremove --yes --purge


As mentioned here, the root partition is in LVM disk. With this configuration, it can be save by a LVM snapshot.


With snapshots, the partition can be rollback in the stable state with this command:

lvconvert --merge /dev/VOLUME_GROUP/SNAPSHOT_NAME

Otherwise, the snapshot can be remove with these commands:


More details here.

Can't create a snapshot with old name

If you don't reboot the machine, the lvcreate command believes the name is always used. To remove it, you need to launch this command:

vgchange --refresh


The SNMP protocol is used to supervise machines. It's a protocol to watch the state of machines on a network.

VM Backups

Node replacement


At each boot, the host must build the configuration for OpenVSwitch. During the network playbook (cluster_setup_network.yaml) with ovs_bridges and ignored_bridges variables, a middle configuration is produced. This configuration is used by this tool to build the OpenVSwitch configuration.

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