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LF Energy runs a Docker organization.

Each project can host Docker images there, even multiple (one per repository, usually). An example is lfenergy/fexmeasures. See the complete list.

This is a great way to use the internet's infrastructure for your project being used everywhere!

Do you want to host public Docker images in our projects?

Ask John Mertic to create a repository for you in the LF Energy Docker organization.

Then, per project, we will create one team in the Docker organization (if it does not exist yet). The members of this team get admin access to the relevant repositories (and not to any other repositories or teams).

To each team, we'll add the personal Docker accounts (tell us your handle) of the people you want to have access. They can have R&W access or even be team admins.

Note about past dealings

In earlier times, we had a few organization admins, who had permissions on the organization level. Since teams allow us to organize access per project, we scaled those credentials back for some people. Again, you can contact John if you feel you need these credentials.

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