This working groups focusses on all the communication protocols between EV and Charging Station (EVerest): DIN 70121, ISO 15118 etc.

Meetings for this WG are currently on a bi-weekly basis, Wednesdays, 3pm - 4pm CET. Please check the EVerest calendar for the meeting entry.

2024-04-03 Meeting Notes

EVerest news

  • EVerest Release 2024.03.0 imminent

Development Update

  • EVerest now supports multiple ISO sessions
  • SLAC module update - now supporting vendor specific messages/information for Qualcomm & Lummissil

2024-03-20 Meeting Notes

EVerest News:

  • Recordings from conference “Open source in emobility” finally available on PIONIX youtube channel. 


  • !! NEW EVerest US summit coming up !!
    Open EV charging summit, May 15+16, Dallas Texas
    12500 T I Blvd, Dallas, TX 75243


  • EVerest feature freeze announced until nexct TSC

Development Update:

  • JsEvManager PR is almost finished
    • JsEvManager will take the part of EV simulator, better abstraction layer with interface to EV commands
  • libCHAdeMO C++ Skeleton is finished
    • Repo is still private, until licensing issues are cleared with LFE

Community Area:

  • Handling libeviso15118 from Roger Bedell
    • Before PR , some discussion needed on the general architecture,  probably only happening in 2nd week of April

Other topics:

Craig mentioned we should a have discussion about certificate handling and utilization of libevsecurity, can help with certificate trust lists

2024-02-21 Meeting Notes

EVerest News:

  • Adding in the next days Issues and PR templates for the relevant repos from this WG (libiso15118, cbexign, ext-switchev-iso15118, libslac, libcbv2g, ...)

Development Update:

  • Created the new libcbv2g as a replacement for OpenV2G. It contains the generated c code from cbexigen and a CMake Integration
  • Created a new Branch in libiso15118 to support ISO15118-2 + Adding code from Roger Dash-2 PR in this Branch

Community Area:

Open Topics:

  • How are changes to libcbv2g updated in cbexigen?

2024-02-07 Meeting notes 

General EVerest news

  • Chargebyte testing -2 -20 in Arnhem went positive, no major hickups
    • Moritz sends mapping table for PnC certs
  • CHAdeMO skeleton on its way
    • Work on the implementation ongoing during the next weeks 
    • Licensing terms still to be cleared - TODO for LFE, waiting for solution
  • CB new exi code is safe to be used as underlying exi also for the din spec and iso 2 protocol - -20 and PnC as well 
  • Support for the PyJosev module will be discontinued in the next few weeks
  • Discussion of creating a libexi library with the generated cbexige Exi c code; to replace OpenV2G and get the Exi code out of the libiso15118 -

    • Aligned during meeting. Positively approved, will move forward
  • Unit Tests for cbexigen

  • Presented plan for General release cycle for EVerest - more infos in the General WG meeting

  • Iso 15118-8 / wifi - anyone working on this / interested in it?

    • Roger looked into that, seems “doable” but not on his priority currently, good starting point somewhat missing. Looking for other potential contributors to work on that.

  • Open topics from last meeting were all marked done.(see notes from last meeting)

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