LF Energy Marketing Advisory Committee

MAC Overview
  1. The Outreach Committee will include one appointed voting representative from each Strategic Member. Each General Member may appoint a non-voting representative to observe and contribute ideas to the Outreach Committee. 
  2. The Outreach Committee will be responsible for the design, development and execution of community outreach efforts on behalf of the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee is expected to coordinate closely with the Governing Board and technical communities to maximize the outreach and visibility of the Technical Project throughout the industry. 
  3. The Governing Board may appoint a chairperson of the Outreach Committee or delegate responsibility for selecting a chairperson to the Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee chairperson will be responsible for reporting progress back to the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee chairperson may attend meetings of the Governing Board, but, unless the Outreach Committee chairperson is a member of the Governing Board, the Outreach Committee chairperson will not attend as a voting member of the Governing Board.

Additional information found in the LF Energy Charter.

Member Representatives (bold indicates voting member)




Daniel Lazaro


Jonas van den Bogaard


Chris Xie (Chair)


Mark Caine


Matt Fawcett

Carbon Co-op

Christophe VILLEMER

Savoir-faire Linux



Louisa Durkin

Open Earth Foundation

Nate Kinsey


Sarah Emery


Aarthi Thyagarajan / Christian DeFeo


Morten Småstuen

Statnett SF

Sheii Lindley

Recurve Analytics

Tim Krentz

Vanderbilt University

Jessica Ridlen


Ralf Geßwein / Robert de Leeuw


Katia Di Pace


Boris Dolley


Fabian Kolleyd-fine
Len Dieterle / Stephanie JackmanAspen Technology
Emily WebsterOpen Climate Fix
Nicolas OmontArtelys

If you are an LF Energy member who does not have a representative currently on the MAC, complete this form by selecting “Marketing/PR” then “Add or Change Marketing Committee Member”, and then typing your requested change or addition into the prompt. 

Meeting Details

Outreach meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month, from 7:00 am - 8:00 am US Pacific Time.

Meeting Minutes

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