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LF Energy's

Technical projects are organized underneath the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) in order to create specific software or services. Project chairs or leaders report up to the TAC, and projects at the Early Adoption or Graduated maturity level vote on TAC business.

Projects are distinct from technical working groups, which meet to develop or explore specific functional areas, or Special Interest Groups, who meet regularly for discussions but do not have a specific charter.

Project Specific Groups

CoMPAS-generalLF Energy CoMPAS general discussion lis
CoMPAS-announceLF Energy CoMPAS Announcements
CoMPAS-devLF Energy CoMPAS developers
CoMPAS-tscLF Energy CoMPAS Technical Steering Committee
EM2-generalLF Energy EM2 general discussion lis
EM2-tscLF Energy EM2 Technical Steering Committee
EM2-CalTrackLF Energy CalTrack working group mailing list
EM2-GridLF Energy EM2 GRID Project
EM2-SeatLF Energy EM2 SEAT Project
GXF-generalLF Energy OpenEEmeter general discussion list
OEDI-generalLF Energy OEDI general discussion lis
OEDI-announceLF Energy OEDI Announcements
OEDI-devLF Energy OEDI developers
OEDI-tscLF Energy OEDI Technical Steering Committee
OpenEEmeter-generalLF Energy OpenEEmeter general discussion lis
OpenEEmeter-announceLF Energy OpenEEmeter Announcements
OpenEEmeter-devLF Energy OpenEEmeter developers
OpenEEmeter-tscLF Energy OpenEEmeter Technical Steering Committee
OperatorFabric-generalLF Energy OperatorFabric general discussion lis
OperatorFabric-announceLF Energy OperatorFabric Announcements
OperatorFabric-devLF Energy OperatorFabric developers
OperatorFabric-tscLF Energy OperatorFabric Technical Steering Committee
PowSyBI-generalLF Energy PowSyBl general discussion lis
PowSyBl-announceLF Energy PowSyBl Announcements
PowSyBl-devLF Energy PowSyBl developers
PowSyBl-tscLF Energy PowSyBl Technical Steering Committee
RIAPS-generalLF Energy RIAPS general discussion lis
RIAPS-announceLF Energy RIAPS Announcements
RIAPS-devLF Energy RIAPS developers
RIAPS-tscLF Energy RIAPS Technical Steering Committee
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