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Once the cluster has been configured you are ready to deploy VMs on it. The cluster_vm Ansible module is present to manage virtual machines. A more detailed documentation can be generated from sources. It can be called from a playbook to perform actions on VMs. For instance, an example of playbook that creates a VM from a predefined image disk and XML Libvirt configuration would be:


Metadata provides information associated with a VM. It consists of a list of pairs (key, value) that are set at the moment of the VM creation. You can define as many metadata fields as you want but some keys are reserved:




VM name


Initial Libvirt XML VM configuration


Libvirt XML file used for the VM configuration. It is autogenerated by modifying the _base_xml file.

VM deployment

The VM data disk is set when creating a new VM or cloning an existing one, as described in the schemas below.