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Support plan summary for 2022: LF Energy

Support to be provided by: Jeff Shapiro <>


Note that WhiteSource has recently been incorporated into the license scanning workflow, so some of this functionality will be subject to the continued development of the scanning workflow automation.


  • The Linux Foundation is not able to provide legal advice to project community members. The support program is focused on providing transparency about identified project licenses, and where possible describing general community understandings of license requirements. However, questions about e.g. whether a license is legally okay to use must be directed to the contributor’s own legal counsel and/or a project’s Legal Committee.

  • The support program utilizes various automated tools supplemented by manual reviews. However, like any other scanning tool or process, the LF cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the license scanning results and does not guarantee that all possible license issues in a scanned codebase will be identified.

Dependencies on other LF and project teams

  • Will periodically need assistance from the project manager or similar project staff support, to coordinate on preferred methods for communications with appropriate project community members.

  • May periodically need LF IT assistance for configuring certain types of scans, for those that are dependent on CI/CD processes that are managed by LF IT (none presently anticipated for current projects/scan types)

Covered projects and schedule of scans

NOTE: during the TAC meeting on Dec. 8, 2020, it was stated that not all projects’ source code is currently available. It is possible that the schedule below may be adjusted to accommodate sizing or changes in timing for when the full code base is available.

February, May, August, November

All Projects


  1. Screenshots from example SPDX document

  2. Screenshots from example scan report for developers

  3. Screenshots from example board decks

Exhibit 1

Screenshots from example SPDX document

Graphical user interface, text, application Description automatically generated

Text Description automatically generated

Exhibit 2

Screenshots from example scan report for developers


Spreadsheet with detailed findings:

Graphical user interface, table Description automatically generated

Exhibit 3

Screenshots from example board decks