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An open source based architecture for asset monitoring and asset management

RTE initiated an internal project aiming at replacing an aging asset monitoring system and paving the way for a shift from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

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Asset monitoring

The actual developpement of the project is focused on the monitoring of the asset. Data from various origins are delivered to the platform. The monitoring makes it possible for the maintenance operators to display real time data in a meaningful way and provide some supporting tools. To this end, the platform as a full representation (CIM format) of the assets being connected altogether. The modules that are developped developed today include:

  • configurator of the assets and their interconnectivity
  • online display of substation with real time data,
  • link to operational data: planned outage, history of operation, post-its ...
  • Fault analyser (based on comtrade files)
  • ...

RTE is working activily actively on that platform, with a pool of 40 developpers developers in a team of 80 people.

This platform is not yet open source, but will be soon.

The architecture will be presented to be challenged.

The question raised: What are the recommendations from the Community-to-be for the opening of the code? How can we collaborate on the platform itself, and to develop a coherent ecosystem of products on it?

Enabler for the transition from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance

The platform is developped developed having in mind to extend it with offline products, which ambition is to achieve a complete ecosystem of products enabling the transition from preventive to predictive maintenance. On that part, nothing is developped developed yet, which constitutes an opportunity for building a community that would design it from the ground up. The different kinds of maintenance will be presented, and a community brainstorming will be launched to identify which are the products of main interrestinterest, and how we could organize it in a collaborative way.