Technical working groups are organized underneath the Technical Advisory Council in order to perform detailed work in a specific area. Working groups generally work on a specific aspect of the functional architecture. They may have a specific deliverable and can make suggestions on existing projects or propose projects.

Working group chairs or leaders report up to the TAC, but do not vote on TAC business.

Working groups are distinct from Projects, which create software or services, and Special Interest Groups, which meet regularly for discussions but do not have a specific charter.

Current Working Groups

To join any of the technical working groups, please click the mailing list link below and visit their corresponding wiki page. 

NameDescriptionLeadMailing List
Archimate WG Working group working on the LF Energy Architecture ModelJonas van den Bogaard, Alliander Archimate WG Mailing List
Alexandre Pariost, The Linux FoundationAI WG Mailing List

Previous working groups are archived here

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