As part of the CoMPAS meet up 2023 (25 january); we made a SWOT analyses in order to see where we are as a community.

Helpfull to achieving the CoMPAS project goalHarmfull to achieving the CoMPAS project goal
Internal to the CoMPAS community

Diverse community

Multiple companies involvedAls

Multiple approaches

Different technical backgrounds


Lots of knowledge

Quick feedback

61850 norm development knowledge

Reduce costs

Influence 61850 implementations

Allow to agree on software level

Modern stack

Clear vision of CoMPAS

LF energy flag over CoMPAS

control over the software

Market need

Different directions/priorities / point of views

Risk of developing to fast (not enough eyes on the code)

Do not thing new functionality enough true (change of not enough optimalisation)

Technical architecture (some functions are double OpenSCD/SCT)

Roadmap is not as clear

Role of GE in CoMPAS

Not enough time to collaborate in the same CoMPAS repositories (Alliander, RTE, Omicron)

Decissions not shared across the community

RTE ability to dedicate time and resources to define it's roadmap in relation to/with the openscd/CoMPAS project

External to the CoMPAS community

Community growth

Lower barrier to contribute

SCD generation process promotion

Ability to invest in CoMPAS/OpenSCD via 3th parties

Higher demand of SCL configuration tools

not such tool in the market


Knowledge sharing

First production version of CoMPAS for new sealand

Risk of losing companies

Hard to find skills/experiance

Compitition: propritiary software

Open source perspective in the industry

Vendors don't participate

Overly complex topic: makes onboarding harder

Clear and long-term stable financing/maintenance


Commercial solution

Internal organisation / change in stakeholders/interest

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