Microgrid Islanding and Resynchronization

  • Scheduled and emergency islanding
  • Resynchronization and DER control
  • Uses distributed computation and decision making
  • Focuses on time-sensitive power management


Remedial Action Scheme (RAS) for Under-Frequency Load Shedding

  • Stop the frequency decline by quickly reducing the amount of load on the grid
  • Adaptive for contingency scenarios and operating conditions
  • Distributed coordination utilized to reach an agreement among RIAPS nodes
  • Fault tolerance is supported by the operating system and RIAPS platform


IEEE 39-bus System and Contingency Scenario

Remedial Action Scheme (RAS) for Wind Farm Generation Curtailment

  • Decentralized Linear State Estimation (DLSE) and curtailment optimization
  • Utilizing measurements and system status in control decisions
  • Uses distributed algorithm to estimate state and calculate an optimal strategy
  • Relies on fault tolerance capabilities of the platform


IEEE 39 NE Bus Test Case

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