Zown helps local communities to start and operate micro grids. These micro grids can be connected to the electricity grid or run off-grid.

Zown was looking for a communication platform to monitor & control, a physical micro-grid. Zown chose the Open Smart Grid Platform because of it's open, inter operable, secure, and scalable architecture.

The results are positive. Zown proofed that the Open Smart Grid Platform is a useful part of their Micro Grid Platform. A proof of concept showed that Zown is able to read a solar panel and a battery via a local micro grid system. Furthermore, they can remotely switch the solar panel when the battery reaches it's maximum or minimum capacity.

Zown will further develop the Micro Grid Platform (Including the Open Smart Grid Platform). The Open Smart Grid Platform is now in production as part of the Zown Micro Grid Platform and serves customers.

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