Project Description

Energinet engages with OpenGEH in Open Source with a desire to accelerate the green transition
The movement must be seen in relation to Energinet ́s vision and strategy, as well as the political ambitions of Europe - in particular the Danish ambitions for 100% renewable energy in the electricity system by 2030 and a climate-neutral society by 2050.

We want to use digitalization as a way to accelerate a market-driven transition towards a sustainable and efficient energy system, and we will build the foundation for both new market participants and business models through digital partnerships. We want to create access to relevant data and insights from the energy market and thereby pushing our goals and direction. We believe that across TSOs, market participants and technology companies, we can support reaching the goals through an open and equal collaboration.

Therefore, we have chosen an approach that we believe best supports our overall vision. We see an opportunity to reduce the cost of software, but also to greatly increase the quality and pace of development through open collaborations. It is a method and approach that we see is increasingly gaining prominence in TSO cooperation. Energinet is not an IT company, and therefore we do not sell systems, services, or operate other TSOs. Our core business is clear and it must be maintained but we can contribute to the acceleration of change inside and outside the country through the methods and tools we use – in the movement we see open source as an important tool.

If we can accelerate and disseminate our green digital solutions, we see an opportunity to accelerate the green transition and increase socio economic value creation.

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