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Welcome to the LF Energy Technical Advisory Council (TAC) page. 

TAC Overview

a. The role of the TAC is to facilitate communication and collaboration among the Technical Projects. The TAC will be responsible for:

i. coordinating collaboration among Technical Projects, including development of an overall technical vision for the community;

ii. making recommendations to the Budget Committee of resource priorities for Technical Projects;

iii. electing annually a chairperson to preside over meetings, set the agenda for meetings, ensure meeting minutes are taken and who will also serve on the Governing Board as the TAC’s representative (the “TAC Representative”);

iv. creating, maintaining and amending project lifecycle procedures and processes, subject to the approval of the Governing Board; and

v. such other matters related to the technical role of the TAC as may be communicated to the TAC by the Governing Board.

b. The voting members of the TAC consist of:

i. one representative appointed by each Premier Member; and

ii. one representative appointed by the technical oversight body (e.g., a technical steering committee) of each TAC Project (as defined herein).

c. One representative of any Member may observe meetings of the TAC. Any committers from a TAC Project may observe meetings of the TAC. The TAC may change this at any point in time, including: (a) opening meetings to a broader community; (b) holding closed meetings; and (c) holding meetings open to the public.

d. At the start of the Directed Fund, “TAC Projects” are those Technical Projects listed as having voting representatives on the TAC on the Directed Fund’s web site. Thereafter, any Technical Project can become a TAC Project through the approval of the Technical Project’s technical oversight body, the TAC (by a two-third’s vote), and the Governing Board. The TAC and the Governing Board may approve a project lifecycle policy that will address the incubation, archival and other stages of TAC Projects.

e. The TAC representatives will elect a chair to preside over meetings, ensure minutes are taken and drive the TAC agenda with input from the TAC representatives.

Additional information found in the LF Energy Charter.

Member Representatives

Member Company or Project

Voting EligibilityTSC Chair
Anne Tilloy, RTE
Hanae Safi, RTE
Phil Ngo, Recurve
Debbie Brodt-Giles, NREL
Gabor Karsai, Vanderbilt
Justin de Hoop, Alliander

TAC Meeting Times

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