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Comment: Add Cockpit to Seapath Yocto



Be careful to not install cockpit-network plugin, as it depend of network-manager package, which is not currently supported in Seapath.

On Seapath Yocto

Currently, Cockpit is not available on Seapath Yocto although it is packaged in Yocto (


Cockpit can be installed in Seapath Yocto by adding it to the IMAGE_INSTALL variable corresponding to the image you are building. For example, if you want to install it on host machines, you must add following lines in file sources/meta-seapath/recipes-core/images/

Code Block
IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " \
    cockpit \
    cockpit-dashboard \
    cockpit-ws \
    cockpit-bridge \
    cockpit-shell \
    cockpit-users \
    cockpit-systemd \

This will install cockpit with the basic functionalities as described as below. 


Unlike Seapath Debian, cockpit-machines plugin is currently not available in Seapath Yocto but is planned to be in 2024.


Once Seapath is installed and configured on a Seapath machine, Cockpit is accessible through the interface connected to your network on the port 9090. It can be accessible in any web browser with the following URL: https://<TARGET_IP>:9090/


Further works planned for 2024

  • Add support of Cockpit and Cockpit-machine in Seapath Yocto

  • Add more specialized Seapath features in Cockpit, such as cluster management or maintenancy

  • Hardened Cockpit for Cybersecurity