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  • Bring everyone on the same page
  • Lower the barrier for collaboration


24/25 Janury January 2023



8:30 start

Ideal output:

Validate the existing high-level project mission and first start with the OpenSCD mission.

Product vision


Ideal output:

Good understanding of the current state of CoMPAS/OpenSCD and the SCD generation process made by RTE

8:30 start

  • How to maintain/govern the software?
    • LF energy governance model
    • How to work in practice: Who maintains what? What are the procedures etc. 

Ideal output: 


Ideal output: common understanding of how to create a OpenSCD / CoMPAS distribution


  • Community retro: How are we collaborating and where do we need to improve
    • Subjects from the previous retro :
      • Proposal of labelling decisions as an issue and how to prepare the refinement more in advance in the contribution page
      • Discuss on another tool better than git to manage functional documentation and US

Ideal output: Action list on collaboration improvements


13:00 CoMPAS Roadmap, where to go next with CoMPAS/OpenSCD?

Workshop host: Sander Jansen 

Ideal output: Better understanding of future needs (use-cases and features)

  1. Get common roadmap understanding:
  • Roadmap goals?
  • Why have a roadmap?


(EN) Roadmaps are dead! Long live roadmaps! (Bruce McCarthy, Founder @ ProductCulture) - YouTube

Per company present their plans

Discuss potentential overlap.

Transpower: open-scd/ at 9314b67603235e3c0763cb6840f10d0e48769490 · danyill/open-scd (

Add roadmap items to 

CoMPAS Roadmap or OpenSCD roadmap

Community growth plan

    • Quality assurance process
    • 61850 Engineering hub (blog/forum/confluence?)
    • LF energy summit (who want to speak?)

[DM, Transpower] - How can collaboration occur at an institutional level with OpenSCD/CoMPAS?

If a utility needs/wants a feature implemented, how can they achieve this?

  1. Write code directly?
  2. Hire a developer to implement the feature?
  3. Have some commercial agreements with main stakeholders (e.g. Alliander/Omicron/LF Energy)?
    • Can OpenSCD be shepherded under a "foundation"?
    • Are there better institutional mechanisms to do this formally via CoMPAS to avoid overhead?
    • (even if the contributions are to the OpenSCD project?)

Transpower would likely prefer Option 3. Option 2 would still require some assistance.

Ideal output: Action list on how to grow the community

13:00  Technical/Architecture discussions and proposals

  • Talk about CoMPAS SCL Validator (Pascal Wilbrink)
  • Architecture discussion
  • Work together on new features

  • [DM] How to document OpenSCD as it becomes more distributed into separate projects (open-scd#1057)? By itself this will raise the barrier to entry.
  • Need to generate documentation for a given distribution and its plugins?
  • API documentation?

RTE is leaving is 16:00

EveningHang out in the bar; 19:00Eat out together