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Welcome to the LF Energy Full Architecture Group working space! There are 4 working groups that make up the full Architecture: Data, Functional, Technical, and Security. This page will contain information regarding the cross-collaboration of the 4 working groups.

Full Architecture Group Meetings

The purpose of the Full Architecture Working Group (FAWG) is to get clarity on the open source landscape regarding Energy. It aims at being an open area focusing on topics and/or project presentations and consolidate vision for the future. To this end, we must be well aware of what are the various on-going, and candidate projects to identify how they could interact with each other, and identify workstreams that would connect actual and future LFE projects. That's also where outcomes of architecture subgroups are reported. Even if it is not a decision place, not even a mandatory step in the decision process, that's the right committee to held preliminary discussions to enlight decisions that are to be made by the Technical Advisory Council.

Work initiated in relation to the FAWG

The following worstreams were proposed and implemented the FAWG:

  • Detailed Functional architecture: presentation, taxonomy sheet
  • LFE guiding principles - outcomes approved by the TAC and LFE board
  • Power System Network Operation: proposed vision. In order to test the methodology a work is ongoing on the modelisation of PSNO in archimate.
  • Grid studies and planning: early stage work on the various open source solutions to perform power system simulations

Teleconference once a month on the second Monday, 8:00 Pacific. See the LF Energy Community Calendar for the next meeting and dial in details.

FAWG Meetings contents:

Suggest a meeting topic below:

  •  Type your topic here, using "@" to assign to a presenter 
  •  Type your topic here, using "@" to assign to a presenter 
  •  Type your topic here, using "@" to assign to a presenter 

Active Members

Benoit JEANSON (chairman)RTE
Carmen BestRecurve

Eric Houmes

Caspar DerksenTenneT

Jonas van den Bogaard

Daniel LazaroOSIsoft
Ken Dulaney
Alberto AbellaFIWARE

Gianluca Dianese

Markus MirzRWTH Aachen

How To Get Involved

Mailing Lists

Working Documents

LF Energy - Architecture Work Group Drive

Meeting Notes

27 September 2021: Recording

15 June 2020: Agenda-Presentation // Recording (Password: 8C%TRJ28)

8 June 2020: Agenda-Presentation // Recording (Password: 9B%99?K5) 

9 - 12 March 2020: Minutes