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The Dutch DSO Alliander started the Short-Term-Forecasting project to anticipate congestion in the distribution grid, to allow for grid safety analysis in the transmission grid and to enable smart grid innovations to locally balance supply and demand within the constraints of the grid. By opensourcing the stack, the ambition is to provide an industry standard for generating and evaluating forecasts in the operational time-domain, as well as allow for structured collaboration.

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Screenshot of the operational dashboard showing the key functionality of OpenSTF


openstfAutomated Machine Learning Pipelines. Builds the Open Short Term Forecasting package
openstf-dbcProvides (company specific) database connector for the OpenSTF package

Provides Jupyter Notebooks showing how to use OpenSTF and apply it's functionality to your usecase

openstf-referenceDeploy the entire OpenSTF stack on your machine. Provides a reference implementation of the OpenSTF stack