As a goal, we would like to guide realization of an energy system that is interoperable, by standardizing the meaning of data exchanged and guide implementation of open source projects developing exchange (interfaces) based on these standards. We focus on the business side of interoperability as common understanding, trust and transparency of data used and data exchanged is a fundamental part of the energy system of the future, regardless of geography.

Data Architecture Workgroup Office Hour

Teleconference weekly on Thursdays, 7:00 US Pacific Time. Meeting details can be found in the LF Energy Community Calendar or below.


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If you like to add you topic to add to the agenda, feel free to add it.

Topics for the meeting of 22th of October 2020

Unfortunately Robbie Morrison cannot make this meeting due to a clash. But a couple of comments nonetheless:

  • I have been contributing to the Icebreaker One (IB1) Open Energy project via advisory group 2 (AG2) covering policy, legal, and regulation. That project will build a proof-of-concept data portal and is being commissioned under the United Kingdom governments Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA) initiative.
  • The Horizon 2020 (H2020) openENTRANCE project and the European Commission recently ran the Energy Modelling Platform — Europe (EMP‑E) 2020 conference. Data was less of a focus than modeling and analysis, but the topics of meteorological data and anticipated future climate change were covered in Focus Group 1.  Full recordings should be available in due course.

Topics for the meeting of 15th of October 2020 <Cancelled>

Topics for the meeting of 8th of October 2020 <Cancelled>

Topics for the meeting of 1th of October 2020 <Cancelled>

Topics for the meeting of 24th of September 2020


Set the agenda: are their any topics for today?

Status of the invite of: Operator fabric / OpenEEmeter / Powsybl

Discussion: What needs to be added to the document to bring it to the TAC?

Open source and Standards update CEN / CENELEC

Marc Costa


Gianluca will ask somebody form SARGON to give some explanation in this group.

Derrick made a docker container for CIMtool.

The Relationship Between Open Source Software and Standard Setting

The upcomming meetings are cancelled due to the availibility of Sander

Daniel Lázaro can be reached by the invited projects if they want to present their projects and talk about semantics in the cancelled period.

Topics for the meeting of 17th of September 2020

  • Welcome
  • Set the agenda

Robbie Morrison

  • brief comparison of European and United States intellectual property law covering data
  • (could someone download and screen share the PDF I earlier posted to the mailing list, TIA)

  • some updates:
  • OPSD are updating datasets, to be complete by 10 October 2020
  • PowerGenome are running workshop on 28-Sep-2020 19:00 CEST, more here
  • United Kingdom MEDA phase two organizations selected, namely Icebeaker One and Siemens, with Electron missing out
  • Update on CIMTool Derrick Oswald


We decided to share the relevant slides this wiki. A decision on how to record video is not needed.

CIMTool development:

  • Mainly used to keep the exsisting profiles
  • Eric and Todd are working on the software
  • The goal is upgrade CIMtool to the Eclipse plaform 4x
  • The draf standards 501/502 will be added to the tool

New agenda items can be added to this group.

Topics for the meeting of 10th of September 2020

  • Welcome
  • Set the agenda
  • Evaluation of the previous sessions with RIAPS/OEDI/CoMPAS
    • Was it useful? Does it help with the data architecture?
    • Do we want to invite more projects?


Connecting to the project is use-full, However the OEDI and RIAPS had little relation with the data architecture.

OpenEEmeter, PowSyBl and OperatorFabric will be invited to present their project as well. Sander Jansenwill invite them.

Opentaps project:

Derrick Oswald will reach out to the maintainers of CIMtool to ask them to join a office-hour to talk about their roadmap and collaboration.

Topics for the meeting of 3th of September 2020

Proposed agenda : one hour later at 08:00 PDT -0700 and 17:00 CEST +0200:

 Michael Rossel of OEDI 

  • Project focus and introduction
  • Data input
  • Data output
  • Used semantics (What standards are used? e.g. for the meta data catalogue)

Robbie Morrison

  • brief comparison of European and United States intellectual property law covering data
  • (could someone download and screen share the PDF I earlier posted to the mailing list, TIA)

Summary of the OEDI project:

  • The OEDI project is an open data project, not at open source project! However they release/build some open source software for consumption.
  • Data providers decide on the semantics of their datasets.
  • Everyone can summit datasets as long they comply with the rules.
  • AWS provides the storage currently for free to the project. The OEDI is looking into other cloud providers to migitate risk of AWS charging money.
  • The datacatalogus is build with CKAN. The catalogus supports DCAT.

Topics for the meeting of 27th of August 2020

  • Welcome
  • Set the agenda
  • Review action list updates

Gabor Karsai form the RIAPS project

  • Project focus and introduction
  • Data input
  • Data output
  • Used semantics (What standards are used? e.g. for the meta data catalogue)

Summary of the RIAPS project:

  • Energy related project since it is funded by energy research money, it can be used for other applications
  • Semantics are relevant in the application side not in RIAPS itself
  • RIAPS is "partly" compatible with openFMB (openFMB uses IEC 61850 and IEC CIM)
  • The goal is the make it production grade and apply it in the field. A production grade project is work in progress.
  • Exsisting (demo) applications are research focused (for now). 
  • Any application message format can be used as long it can be used with ZeroMQ


Topics for the meeting of 20th of August 2020


  • Welcome
  • Set the agenda
  • Review action list updates
  • TAC seating update
  • COMPAS Sander Jansen
  • Open data

Meeting notes:

Review the M490 SGAM introduction to the document Eric Houmeswill check this later on

Sander Jansen and Eric Houmes will start with the TAC. Based on the TAC converstations, we can change this

 The COM-PAS project was presented. The COM-PAS slides can be found here.

Robbie Morrison made some comments about open data (see below)

Robbie Morrison will make suggestions to record the workgroup meetings form a legal an practical pespective.

Sander Jansen will request @Michael Rossel to join the 3th of september and asks the RIAPS project to join next week

Daniel Lázaro will contact RAIPS for setting the expectations to join next week.

Follow up:

(I, Robbie Morrison, was asked to record my comments about developing country transfers, please move this content elsewhere if this is not the best place. Or alternatively delete this comment.)

There are three projects promoting open source/data/access for  energy policy development for developing country:

  • Global Power System Transformation Consortium — aimed at up-skilling the entire industry from operations to public policy
  • U4RIA guidelines — a set of principles to improve transparency, community engagement, robustness, and trust
  • LF Energy — based on recent comments by Shuli Goodman


IEEE (6 July 2020). Global Power Systems Transformation Consortium: landscape analysis of relevant standards, testing, and certification activities. IEEE.  Closed access.

OPM and UK Aid (August 2019). Synthesis Report on the "Fourth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning" (Trieste 28 June 2019). United Kingdom: Oxford Policy Management and UK Aid. U4RIA Section 4 (pages 7–8) titled "Working groups on modelling standards and capacity building".

Meeting 13 August 2020 16:00 CEST


  • Work on data architecture working document together.
  • Chosing one interesting project that needs guidance or can serve the purpose of first project "to test our guidance  on"
  • Sharpen goal in above mentioned banner (our mission statement).
  • Information models plotted on SGAM (what standard to use where)
  • OEDI semantics (someone from the OEDI project)
    • Project focus and introduction
    • Data input
    • Data output
    • Used semantics (What standards are used? e.g. for the meta data catalogue)

Meeting notes:

Everybody agrees with the Working group goal with the addition of adding open source.

Daniel Lázaro will ask the RIAPS project to join the office hour to talk semantics (see the OEDI initiative).

Sander Jansen will add a basic introduction to the SGAM in the data architecture document.: Gianluca Dianese and Naveen Goswamy can you guys review and improve it.

Eric Houmes will connect with the LF energy guys to see if we can check against standards/information models

More information on LF energy project activity can be found here:, Other examples can be found here.

Topics of last meeting 6 August 2020 16:00 CEST were


  • Getting to know each other better as we had a couple of new contributors.
  • Express the main interests and topics to address
  • Confirm the main goal of our data architecture stream which is Interoperability and semantic standards to help interaction, 
  • Issues that might have to be solved to be successful (like Legal issues (intellectual property ownership), specific local rules that apply. 
  • Next steps data architecture document, work together on this document in next sessions to finalize a first set we work with.
  • Data architecture project support was not a topic for today 

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