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To be accepted at the Sandbox stage, a project must:

  • Submit a completed Standards Project Contribution Proposal Template to the TAC, or the TAC’s designated recipient for contribution proposals. The proposal should include the following information
    • Name of the proposed standard project
    • Mission statement
    • Expected deliverables
    • Is this an existing standards effort, or a new one
    • Is this related to an existing project
    • Organizations currently participating in the standards effort and/or planning to participate.
    • Any existing materials or assets that will be seeded to the standards project
  • Provide such additional information as the TAC may reasonably request.
  • Be available to present to the TAC with respect to the project’s proposal and inclusion in LF Energy. Project teams should be prepared to present a detailed (20-30 minutes in length) overview of the project in addition to speaking to the information contained in the project contribution proposal.
  • Be deemed by the TAC to add potential value or value to the mission of LF Energy.
  • Obtain an affirmative vote of the TAC.