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This is a a form template to be created for project proposals to the LF Energy TAC and Board. To fill out this project proposal, please click the "..." in the upper right hand corner of the page, next click export into word document.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. General information


This policy sets forth the proposal process for projects to be accepted into LF Energy. The process is the same for both existing projects which seek to move into LF Energy and new projects to be formed within LF Energy.

All projects are assumed to start at Incubator status unless the TAC has verified that stage advancement requirements have been met. Please note that all projects must complete the acceptance criteria before it can be considered by the TAC.

Incubation Project Proposal Requirements

Projects must be formally proposed by answering the following questions and sending by email to Project proposals submitted to LF Energy should provide the following information to the best of their ability:

General information:

  • Name of project
    • Is the project's name new or an existing name?
  • Project description (what it does, why it is valuable, origin and history)
  • Project lead
  • Project financial sponsor organization(s)
  • Names of other key contributing individuals and organizations
  • Proposed Technical Steering Meeting (TSC) members
  • Existing community links:
    • repository hosting
    • project website and docs
    • mailing lists, slack, irc
    • social media accounts
  • Project security plan (TODO - what should this include?)
  • Link to code base

Open source status:

  • Please describe the project's license.
  • Is this the project's code available now?
    • Is the code publicly posted? On
    • GitHub or elsewhere?
  • Does this project have ongoing public (or private) technical meetings?
  • Do this project's community venues have a code of conduct? If so, what is it?
  • Describe the project's leadership team and decision-making process.
  • Does this project have public governance (more than just one organization)?
  • Does this project have a development schedule and/or release schedule?
  • Does this project have dependencies on other open source projects? Which ones?
  • Describe the project's documentation.
  • Describe any trademarks associated with the project.

Project status:

  • Do you have a project roadmap? please attach [Are this project's roadmap and meeting minutes public posted?]
  • Does this project have a legal entity and/or registered trademarks?
  • Has this project been announced or promoted in any press?
  • Does this project compete with other open source projects or commercial products?

Project value:

  • Why would this project be a good candidate for inclusion in LF Energy?
  • Provide a statement on alignment with the mission in the LF Energy charter.
  • What specific need does this project address?
  • Describe how this project impacts the energy industry.
  • Describe how this project intersects with other LF Energy projects.
  • Who are the potential benefactors of this project?
  • What other organizations in the world should be interested in this project?

Project needs:

  • How would this project benefit from inclusion in LF Energy?
  • Please describe any infrastructure needs or requests (e.g., web hosting).
  • Plan for achieving next maturity level (Incubation -> Early Adoption -> Graduated).

II. Project Acceptance Process

  • Projects are required to present their proposal at an LF Energy Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting.
  • The TAC may ask for changes to bring the project into better alignment with LF Energy, such as adding a governance document to a repository or adopting a Code of Conduct.
  • The TAC agrees on an evaluation of the project proposal via a 2/3 supermajority vote, excluding abstentions. << to be discussed - how do we handle abstensions?
  • The TAC provides the project assessment to LF Energy Board for project acceptance approval.
  • In case of Board approval, the proposal document will be finalized as a project charter. This charter document must be included in the project's main repository.
  • The TAC will determine the appropriate initial stage for the project based on the evidence submitted. New projects can apply for admission at Incubator or Early Adoption stage via the review process.

Additional requirements for projects applying at the Early Adoption stage

  • Growth plan
  • TODO

III. Acceptance & Expectations

  • All projects may attend TAC meetings and contribute work regardless of their stage.
  • Incubation projects will be featured on the LF Energy projects page.
  • All trademarks for Incubator, Early Adoption, Graduated, and Emeritus projects are retained by LF Energy.