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To join any of the special interest groups, please click the mailing list link below and visit their corresponding wiki page.



Digital Substation Automation Systems (DSAS)The design of the new DSAS requires a higher level of modularity, interoperability, and scalability compared to previous generations. Open source collaboration is an essential part of meeting those requirements in a cost-efficient way.

Asset Monitoring

RTE initiated an internal project aiming at replacing an aging asset monitoring system and paving the way for a shift from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Digital TwinValidate an IoT approach that is compatible with a Blockchain architecture and running on the edge of a distributed cloud environment for a smart energy “System of Systems” 
Microgrids AC/DC/Hybrid

The Microgrid is in a community-building exercise to identify language and approaches. Right now we are looking at a number of open source implementations to understand the pros, cons, and various use-cases. Come join this group! We are open to new participants.

IoTLF Energy IoT and Energy
Supply-Chain Security/DBoM This SIG is looking to stand-up a proof of concept for supply-chain attestation. Broad group of vendors, suppliers, OEMs, security folks, and utilities.
E-Mobility SIGThis is SIG is just starting November 10th, 2020...come help us define the future of the open source parts of e-mobility and V2G
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