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Last update: 2/4/20


  • Energy Management App
    • Aggregator node acting as gateway between EV chargers, data center servers, building management systems and a microgrid controller
    • Aggregator collects current and projected energy demands and energy availability, computes scheduled allocations and disseminates
  • Integrated Microgrid Control Platform – 24m
    • Complete suite of microgrid control functions implemented, based on proposed standard functions
    • Reference implementation of a generic microgrid controller


  • RIAPS Device Interface Components for:
    • IEEE 2030.5, DNP3, IEC 61850, and SunSpec – standard interfaces
    • Gridlab-D, OpenDSS: power system sims, useful in training and app development
  • Generic, customizable ‘bridge’ to: Edge-X, OpenFMB (, MQTT
  • Generic, customizable interface to
    • InfluxDB (to store time-series data)
    • PVBrowser (open source SCADA)

Platforms ports

  • Raspberry PI 4 / ARM- 64 bit
  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano (ML platform)
  • RISC-V


  • Fine-grain scheduling of component operations (priority, round-robin)
  • Real-time actors running at real-time priority and with scheduling policy
  • Direct inter-thread (component) messages
  • App-to-app communication / multi-app deployment
  • Leader election algorothm parameterization via architecture model
  • Improved fault management: restart policies, checkpointing, etc.
  • Synchronize C++ distributed coordination with Python version
  • Fine-grain per-app security policy control
  • Better logging framework, log management
  • Better app packaging: tooling for deploying large libraries
  • Security review – NIST ICS security requirements
  • Improved documentation, tutorials, hackathon materials
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