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Interested in contributing? Please read carefully the CONTRIBUTING guidelines.  Refer to GLOSSARY for technical terms and acronyms.

This page contains an overview overview of the ComPAS architecture. More details can be found on the ComPAS architecture website:

Principles for Overall Architecture

The project will adopt the following principles for the overall software architecture:

  • A modular architecture based on microservices facilitating a tailor-made integration of the building blocks in third-party IT systems
  • A cross-platform software ensuring compatibility with various end-user environments.
  • Scriptable functional modules to enable the customization/automatization of the configuration process according to the specificities of users
  • Light-weight web-browser-based client
  • Multi-language support for the user interface

Architecture Overview

Functional architecture

Overall functional block diagram

CoMPAS functional block diagram

System Configuration Tool (SCT) functional diagram

SCT functional diagram

Technical architecture

Technical Architecture Overview

Data Architecture

Conceptual Overview of Data Architecture Repositories and Semantics


Fossoly is used by LF energy to scan on license compliance.

LFX security is used for security scanning in the code.

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